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Kohler Color and Finish Code Index

 Color and Finish Codes

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0 White    00 White
1 Tuscan   0E Epoxy
10 Peachblow 0L Clear
11 Autum Brown   0W White Epoxy
12 Jersey Cream AU Polished Gold
13 Argent   B Blue (Primary Toilet Seat)
15 Spring Green   BC Bright Nickel
17 Teal   BE Black Nickel
18 Sunrise   BF Burnished Brass  
19 Vermont Blue BG Brushed Gold 
2 Spruce Green BH Bright Brass
21 Avocado   BK Black Anodized
23 Coppertone   BL Matte Black
24 Expresso   BM Black Chrome
25 Antique Red   BN Brushed Nickel
26 Jade   BP Nickel
27 Blueberry   BR Brass (New England Brass)
28 Citron   BS Brushed Stainless
29 Tiger Lily BZ Bronze (Colorado Bronze)
3 Lavender   BRZ Oil-Rubbed Bronze
30 Iron Cobalt   2BZ Oil-Rubbed Bronze
31 Harvest Gold   C5 Raspberry
32 New Orleans Blue C6 Blueberry / Chrome
33 Mexican Sand   C7 Oriental Jade
34 Fresh Green C8 Mocha / Chrome
35 Pink Champagne CB Chrome And Brass
36 Sunflower CP Polished Chrome
4 Suez Tan G Brushed Chrome
40 Parchment   G1 Green Hinge Kit(Primary Seat)
41 Country Grey GD California Gold
42 Aspen Green   GF Gold Flash
43 Sequoia   GP Polished Brassy Gold
44 Swiss Chocolate   GS Satin Brassy Gold
45 Wild Rose   GW Brite Chrome & White
46 Evergreen N5 Raspberry / Polished Nickel
47 Almond   N6 Blue Berry / Polished Nickel
49 French Vanilla   N8 Mocha / Polished Nickel
5 Old Ivory   NA Indicates No Finish
52 Navy   NU Polished Nickel / Gold Coin
53 Raspberry Puree PB Polished Brass
54 Taupe   R Red(Primary Toilet Seat)
55 Innocent Blush RB Rough Brass
56 Tender Grey   RP Rough Plate
58 Thunder Grey   S Buffed Stainless
59 Platinum   SB Satin Brass
6 Skylight   SC Satin Chrome
68 Heron Blue SG Scroll Gold
7 Black Black SH Bright Silver
70 Lemon Twist   SM Smoke
71 Seafoam Green   SN Polished Nickel
7B Black Brilliance   SS Satin Silver
7U Blue Brilliance ST Stainless Steel
7W White Brilliance   SV Silver (Nevada Silver)
8 Cerulean Blue   T1 Teflon Black / Polished Brass
80 Opalescence T2 Blue / Black Teflon
81 Crackle   T3 Tobacco Brown / Black Teflon
82 Buttered Rum   T4 Chrome / Teflon Black
83 Oceanus   TA Tangerine
84 Pepper 'N' Salt   TB Teflon Black
85 Merlot   TG Brite Gold
89 Desert Bloom   TL Teflon Blueberry
8W JD White TN Teflon Mocha
90 Terra Nueva   TR Teflon Raspberry
95 Ice Grey TU Teflon Black / Gold Coin
96 Biscuit   UB Brushed Brass
97 Timberline WA Natural White Ash
98 Chamois WB Gold Oak
B1 Clear Glass WC Dark Walnut
B2 Aquamarine Glass   Y Yellow (Primary Toilet Seat)
B3 Cobalt Glass VF Vibrant Polished Brass
C9 Cobalt Blue   CODE
Taboret Only
C9 Cobalt   CA Chrome / Almond
G2 Riverstone   CD Chrome / Desert Bloom
G9 Sandbar CE Chrome / Raspberry
M3 Copper Verde   CF Chrome / Seafoam Green
M4 Cobalt Blue Interior/Igneous Black Exterior   CG Chrome / Tender Grey
M5 Coastal Blue Interior/ White Satin Exterior   CH Chrome / Heron Blue
M6 Lemon Interior/White Satin Exterior   CJ Chrome / Jersey Cream
M7 Seagrass Interior/ White Satin Exterior CK Chrome / Black Black
M8 Biscuit Interior/ Biscuit Satin Exterior   CL Chrome / Innocent Blush
N/A Rouge   CN Chrome / Navy
R1 Roussillon Red   CR Chrome / Antique Red
S1 Biscuit Satin CS Chrome / Wild Rose
S2 White Satin   CT Chrome / Teal
S3 Stonewall CW Chrome / White
S4 White Cliffs   CX Chrome / Mexican Sand
S6 Beeswax   CY Chrome / Thunder Gray
S7 Painted Lady Pink   PA Polished Brass / Almond
S8 Serengeti   PD Polished Brass / Desert
S9 Turqueise   PE Polished Brass / Raspberry
V1 Clay   PF Polished Brass / Seafoam Green
V2 Cream City   PG Polished Brass / Tender Grey
V3 Igneous Black PG Polished Brass / Tender Grey
V4 Igneous Blue PH Polished Brass / Heron Blue
V5 Antique Rose   PJ Polished Brass / Jersey Cream
V6 Chambray   PK Polished Brass / Black Black
V7 Old English PL Polished Brass / Innocent Blush
V8 Saffron   PN Polished Brass / Navy
V9 Sage   PR Polished Brass / Antique Red
W2 Earthen White   PS Polished Brass / Wild Rose
Y2 Sunlight   PT Polished Brass / Teal
      PW Polished Brass / White
    PY Polished Brass / Thunder Grey
Alterna Inserts
  CODE Champleve Insets
BU Blue (Transparent) CM Kaleidoscope
BY Birdsyeye Maple CU Peacock
CM Kaleidoscope GM Geometrica
CU Peacock   GR Glory Rose
DW Dark Wood   IH Indian Heritage
FW French Walnut Burt OR Dragon Dance
GG Grey Granite RL Royal Lily
GM Geometrica
GR Glory Rose   CODE
HM Chestnut Marble   C5 Polished Chrome / Raspberry
IH Indian Heritage   N5 Polished Nickel / Raspberry
LA Lavender C6 Polished Chrome / Blueberry
LW Light Wood N6 Polished Nickel / Blueberry
MA Malachite   C8 Polished Chrome / Mocha
MI Mint   N8 Polished Nickel / Mocha
MR Black Marble SU Satin Chrome / Gold Coined Accents
OL Clear   TB Teflon Black 
OR Dragon Dance   TU Teflon Black / Gold Coined Accents
RL Royal Lily T4 Polished Chrome / Teflon Black
RO Rodnite NU Polished Nickel / Gold Coined Accents
RS Rose   CP Polished Chrome
RW Rosewood    
SO Sodalite   CODE Shower Door Finish
TE Tigereye SH Bright Silver
WM White Marble SHP Bright Polished Silver
    MX Matte Nickel
NX Brushed Nickel
      ABV Anodized Brushed Bronze
      BN Vibrant Brushed Nickel
PB Vibrant Polished Brass
Guillen's Enterprises, Inc.. Miami FL USA* Order Phone: (305) 226-7855 * (800) 222-7855