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2000LE & 2000 Value Systems

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M 7 Power System Introduction
          M 7 Page 2
M 7A Power System
          120v/240v, 1hp, 2-Speed
M 7B Power System
          240v, 1.5 hp, 2-Speed
M 7C Power System
          240v, 2 hp, 2-Speed
          M 7   Replacement Parts 
M 1 Power System
          240v,  Convertible
M 2 Power System
          120v, Convertible
M 3 Power System
          240v, Deluxe
Lite Leader Power System
           Economical System
           Lite Leader Interior Parts
Outdoor Systems
          Outdoor Interior Parts
Bath Products
Top Side Panels
          Panel Extensions
Circuit Boards
          Cross Reference
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Balboa Instruments features a wide array of spa controls manufactured for the world of spa varieties. From a two-function jetted bath control to control units specifically manufactured per the request of the manufacturer. Balboa Controls are designed to be reliable, add advanced properties and features to the spa. Balboa Instruments is a 9001 ISO certified manufacturer, which assures a level of unsurpassed quality. Balboa Instruments seek continuous self-improvement in an effort to be "Your Competitive advantage".
Electronics are an integral part of nearly every new appliance, and consumers expect their products to work right every time.
Balboa Instruments is the world's largest manufacturer of electronic control systems for the portable spa industry. 
Balboa Instruments  familiarity with the special demands of spas and hot water products creates unique, highly reliable jetted bath controls.
Designed to complement any bath style, all trim is available in standard designer colors, with generic graphics that are pleasing and neutral.


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    Spa Manufacturers may use Balboa Instruments' O.E.M. Components. These components may not be available or shown on this site.
   Know the manufacturer and model number of your spa before ordering through this site.
   Click on Other Manufactures at the top right of this page and Select your Spa Manufacturer, Original Replacement Parts will insure that your equipment will operate as intended by that manufacturer.
No return on Electronic Components.