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Part Description:
PF2 RK150 MODEL 150 REBUILT KIT | 351 | 302AG | 150-403 | 353 |

Discontinued Prdouct - Use Sloan Fushmate Change-Out Kit Please Link at bottom of page

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    Order Replacement Parts:

    Flushmate Conversion Sheet

    Why Sloan Flushmate conversion kit rather than a new toilet !

    FLUSHMATE®> PF2 Pressure-Assist Change-Out Kits



     Choose what brand is your toilet (porcelain stamped or engraved) !

    Now, when facing your toilet, is the flush lever on the left hand or right hand side?  Please click to choose:

    Model 3612

    Model 3612
    Crane left hand conversion kit Crane right hand conversion kit
    Now, when facing your toilet, is the flush lever on the left hand or right hand side?  Please click to choose:

    Model 141-7000

    Model 141-7000
    Eljer left hand conversion kit Eljer right hand conversion kit
    Now check if you have One Piece Toilet or Two Piece Toilet (tank with bowl)?  Please click to choose:

    Model 21-012

    Model 28-380, 28-384, 28-385
    Gerber one piece toilet conversion kit Gerber two pieces toilet (tank with bowl) conversion kit
    Here is the conversion kit for this brand. Click to chose:
    Peerless conversion kit

    Each Kit Contains:

    • FLUSHMATE System
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Installation Wrench
    • Flush Handle
    • Owner?s Manual

    FLUSHMATE® Videos

    Learn how to change the conversion kit by yourself

    Guillen's Enterprises, Inc. - Since 1973 - a Flushmate authorized genuine parts distributor
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    Revised: 20090415

    popular PF2 RK150 PFPK150 A495-1500-00495150000 rk150 PF2 PF2351 351 302AG pf2302ag PF2503 503 091-7015 | 091-7018 | 091-7023 | 091-7025 | 091-7046 | 091-7048 | 091-7053 | 091-7055 | 091-7875 | 091-7876 | 091-7878 | 091-7883 | 091-7925 | 091-7928 | 091-7933 | AQUA-SAVER | HYLANDO | WALFORD | AQUA SAVER PF2 353

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