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Part Description:
Jacuzzi 9210000;; on / off Magic touch air switch conversion kit air control panel; Unfinish | A334000; 5246000; 6493000; 5865; 5865829; 5865827; 5414000 |

UPC: 731352472312

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Jacuzzi 9210000  Magic Touch Air Switch Conversion Kit

Jacuzzi 9210000  Magic Touch Air Switch Conversion Kit          Printable 

Magic Touch Conversion/Repair Kit Assemblies

             Jacuzzi 9210000   Magic Touch Air Switch
                                Conversion Kit

Air Switch Conversion Kit
replaces the original Electronic Magic Touch system with a tested air switch conversion kit. It also eliminates the low water pump protection although all current pumps no longer requires this feature.
Installation Instructions

Note: Turn OFF the unit electrical breaker!
Remove the red and blue wires from the face of the Magic Touch J-Box.
     2- Remove and save (for reuse) the two screws securing the faceplate to the J-Box. Pull the faceplate forward, then disconnect the four wires from the back of the module. Pull the module forward and completely remove the J-Box.
     3- Cut the quick disconnect ends off the two neutral wires (whites), strip back the insulation, then secure the two wires with the wire nut.
     4- Locate the new faceplate/air switch assembly in kit. Attach the black wires from the motor to the single recessed spade (common) on the air switch.
     5- Attach the service hot (black wire) to either of the other two spades. Attach the new faceplate/air switch assembly to the J-Box with previously saved screws.
The location in which the new actuator will be mounted must be determined at this point. The Prima; Cara and Arista whirlpool baths allow easy mounting in the same location as the electronic touch pad. The Nova; Bianca and Athena whirlpool baths may not have adequate clearance below their touch pads for the longer air actuator to be installed. If clearance is not available, the nonfunctional electronic touch pad can be left in place.
NOTE: The electronic touch pad can be removed and replaced with the appropriate color-coordinated DuraSeal plug (P/N 8517XXX) by drilling an 11/16 inch hole and inserting plug. Request 8517 for options in the site search for DuraSeal plug color availability and prices. The air actuator can be installed in any alternate location by adjusting the instructions below.
     6- If the square on-off button is accessible from below, disassemble existing touch pad by pulling off the decorative cap exposing the Phillips head screw. Remove the hex nut below the bath rim, then detach assembly from the bath. If unable to reach this area, drill a 11/16 inch hole in an area where you can install the on-off actuator button.
     7- Drill an 11/16 inch hole using touch pad center hole as guide.
     8- Disassemble the actuator assembly by turning the bellows bode one-half turn counterclockwise, unthread the nut, pull the circular bezel off and remove stem.
     9-  Apply silicone sealant around hole on the acrylic side, insert threaded stem, and tighten nut.
    10- Reattach the bellows body, then push one end of the clear vinyl tubing onto the bellows nipple.
    11- Cut a 6 length of vinyl tubing. Remove the outer nut from the air switch on the switch box. Push tubing through center hole of nut. Push end of tubing on the switch and reinstall the nut. Attach the other end to one end of the bleeder tee. Connect the remaining tubing between the other end of the bleeder tee (not to the center port of the tee) and the bottom of the actuator bellows. Cut off any unnecessary tubing before attaching the tubing to the bellows. Allow some slack in the tubing and avoid pulling it tight.
IMPORTANT: The installation of the bleeder tee is necessary to ensure proper operation of the air switch.
    12- To test for proper operation, fill the bath to 2-3 above the jets; restore power to the unit electrical circuit breaker and operate the new on-off air switch system.    
(Jacuzzi Instructions # 9211000 7/03)

A334000 = Obsolete

Jacuzzi A334000 Magic touch electronic replacement kit is obsolete and no longer available.

Use the
9210000 replacement air switch conversion kit.






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Revised: 20090921

Jacuzzi JWB JLB | Unfinish

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