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Model Name

Z145 or 345

Model #


Guillen's Enterprises, Inc.. Miami FL USA Jacuzziparts.com  Order Phone: (305) 226-7855 * (800) 222-7855

**WARNING**  Z145 or 345 Spa using the Electronic Box  Number H136000  Click the correct one.


 * = Not applicable to this unit

Spa Components

Part #

Electronic Box 

Part #

Whirl. Pump 

Part #
Control Panel R604000 P.C. Electronic Board R790000 Motor C180 110V
Control Electronic Box R574  View in Heater Assembly S943000 Motor Cord F036000
Whirlpool Pump Assy F570000 Pressure Switch G323000 Discharge Volute F156000
Filter / Heater Pump


2-Speed Press/Switch Wires F575000 O-Ring 9246000
Heater Assembly S943000 Thermostat Sensor S092000 Ceramic Seal Kit 9245000
Filter Cartridge 6199000 High Limit Sensor S093000 Impeller C145000
Skimmer Assembly Front Load Heatrer Sensor Adapter  T202000 Eye, Seal J-Pump 9243000
Air Volume Control 3 S-Single Heater Nut F804000 Suction Face F157000
Jet 10 - BMH Heater Gasket G947000 Union Kit (2-Req). 9250000
Suction Fitting Standard Heater Flange 2"

F803000 Union O-Ring 9231000
Spa Drain H999 or R745 Heater Flange 1.5"



Suction Fitting.  

Part #

Single 25 amp P.C. Board Fuse S094000 Body 1958000
Air Blower


Air Control 

Part # Cover 6651945
Spa Rigid Cover H558000 S-Single Top Plate D851945 Back Ring 2136000
GFCI 15 AMP Cord R886000 D-Dual Top Plate


8241945 Nut 1643000


T-Triple Top Plate


9224945 Screw 3959000
Discharge Plumbing SEE PDF Knob, Volume 8267945 Bushing 0473000
Suction Plumbing ADDITIONAL Graphic Ring  8263000


Part #
Air Volume Plumbing DOWNLOADS Clear Air Elbow U775000 Body 8411945
Additional Piping AT BOTTOM Repair Cartridge 8399000 Back Nut 8415000
Spa Skirt Panels  OF PAGE Nozzle 8413945


Part #

Single Light

Part # Internal Seat Ring 8487940
Housing Body


Light Bulb 6611000 Internal O-Ring 8488000
Back Plate G894000 Color Lenses Kit 6567000 Nozzle Flange 8412945
Front Cover. 6639945 Body Housing 8018000 Screw 2 req. 7514000
Basket 6636000 Socket Harness J222000
Sensor Sleeve 5659000 Light Assembly F101000


Sleeve Grommet 5660000


Part # Ozone Dispersion C154000
Top Seal Plug 6171000 1/8" Black Elbow 3044000
1/8" Straight Ftg 3054000
1/8" Nylon Tubing 4649000
PDF Downloads --> General Parts J849000 Z145 Parts Specifications Owners Manual Troubleshooting

Guillen's Enterprises, Inc.. Miami FL USA Jacuzziparts.com  Order Phone: (305) 226-7855 * (800) 222-7855