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Jacuzzi Rotary Pup-up Bath Drain Parts Catalog

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Jacuzzi color and finish codes Square Face Plate Pup-Up Tub Drain Link
Rotary Drain - Trim Parts by Geberit 
FIG  Part Number Description
Hardware for back or rough in BWO
A 241.617.00.1 Nut
B 241.616.00.1 Flange
C 241.633.00.1 Gasket for Tubular BWO
D 860.177.00.0 Gasket for PVC BWO
Molded Handle, requires Handle Fig # 1
1 860.366.00.0 Handle Adapter
     Handle Adapter Help Page
  886.005.ALL Molded Handle All Finishes
  241.628.21.1 Molded Handle Polished Chrome
  241.628.AA.1 Molded Handle Bone
  241.628.CL.1 Molded Handle Bright Brass
2 886.005.DX.0 Molded Handle Gray
  241.628.DY.1 Molded Handle White
  886.005.FF.0 Molded Handle Biscuit
  241.628.GG.1 Molded Handle ForeverShine™ PVD Brass
Hardware Screw for Molder Handle only
3 241.629.00.1 Set Screw
Solid Brass Handle
  240.702.ALL Brass Handle ALL Finishes
  240.702.21.1 Brass Handle Polished Chrome 
  240.702.IB.1 Brass Handle Polished Nickel
  240.702.45.1 Brass Handle Gold
  240.702.50.1 Brass Handle Unfinished
  240.702.97.1 Brass Handle Antique Brass
2 240.702.98.1 Brass Handle Old Silver/Pewter
  240.702.CH.1 Brass Handle Satin Brass
  240.702.CL.1 Brass Handle Bright Brass 
  240.702.EK.1 Brass Handle Black
  240.702.FT.1 Brass Handle Satin Chrome
  240.702.ID.1 Brass Handle Brushed Nickel
  240.702.GG.1 Brass Handle ForeverShine™ PVD Brass
  240.702.GP.1 Brass Handle Oil Rubbed Bronze
  240.702.HD.1 Handle ForeverShine™ PVD Pearl Nickel
  240.702.HI.1 Brass Handle ForeverShine™ Satin Sheen
  240.702.HJ.1 Brass Handle ForeverShine™ Platinum
Hardware Screw for Solid Brass Handle only
3 860.111.00.0 Set Screw
Molded Plunger
  240.703.ALL Molded Plunger ALL Finishes
  240.703.AA.1 Molded Plunger Bone 
  240.703.DX.1 Molded Plunger Gray 
4 240.703.DY.1 Molded Plunger White 
  240.703.FF.1 Molded Plunger Biscuit
Solid Brass Plunger
  888.466.ALL Brass Plunger ALL Finishes
  241.534.21.1 Brass Plunger Polished Chrome
  241.534.IB.1 Brass Plunger Polished Nickel
  888.466.45.1 Brass Plunger Gold
  888.466.50.0 Brass Plunger Unfinished
  888.466.97.0 Brass Plunger Antique Brass
  888.466.98.0 Brass Plunger Old Silver/Pewter
  888.466.CH.0 Brass Plunger Satin Brass
4 241.534.CL.1 Brass Plunger Bright Brass 
  888.466.EK.0 Brass Plunger Black
  241.534.FT.1 Brass Plunger Satin Chrome
  241.534.ID.1 Brass Plunger Brushed Nickel
  888.466.GG.0 Brass Plunger ForeverShine™ PVD Brass
  888.466.GP.0 Brass Plunger Oil Rubbed Bronze
  888.466.HD.0 Plunger ForeverShine™ PVD Pearl Nickel
  888.466.HI.0 Brass Plunger ForeverShine™ Satin Sheen
  888.466.HJ.1 Brass Plunger ForeverShine™ Platinum
5 241.610.00.1 O-Ring 
6 241.611.00.1 Hex Nut
7 241.612.00.1 Screw 
8 865.066.22.1 Drain Screw
Stainless Steel Molded Strainers
  888.128.ALL Strainers Polished ALL Finishes
  241.612.21.1 Strainers Polished Stainless Steel
  241.612.21.1 Also used for White / Gray / Biscuit / Bone
  241.612.IB.1 Strainers Polished Nickel
  241.612.45.1 Strainers Gold 
  888.128.97.0 Strainers Antique Brass
  888.128.98.0 Strainers Old Silver/Pewter
  241.612.CH.1 Strainers Satin Brass
  241.612.CL.1 Strainers Bright Brass 
9 241.612.EK.1 Strainers Black
  241.612.FT.1 Strainers Satin Chrome
  241.612.ID.1 Strainers Brushed Nickel
  241.612.GG.1 Strainers ForeverShine™ PVD Brass
  888.128.GP.0 Strainers Oil Rubbed Bronze
  241.612.HD.1 Strainers ForeverShine™ PVD Pearl Nickel
  241.612.HI.1 Strainers ForeverShine™ Satin Sheen
  241.612.HJ.1 Strainers ForeverShine™ Platinum
10 241.633.00.1 Gasket
Extended Parts Not Shown in drawing (For Marbolite Tubs)
241.622.00.1 EXT SHAFT 2.5" FOR TUBULAR BWO
241.626.00.1 EXT SHAFT 2.5" FOR PVC & ABS BWO
241.613.22.1 EXTENDED DRAIN SCREW - 2.0"




Jacuzzi Bath Rotary pup-up bath drain was used in the following models and finishes: Jacuzzi 8730805 8730815 8730826 8730827 8730829 8730845 8730898 8730914 8730940 8730945 8730969 C945805 C945815 C945826 C945827 C945829 C945845 C945898 C945914 C945940 C945945 C945969 DA34805 DA34815 DA34826 DA34827 DA34829 DA34845 DA34898 DA34914 DA34940 DA34945 8730969 K606805 K606815 K606826 K606827 K606829 K606845 K606898 K606914 K606940 K606945

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