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M-7C Power System  

M-7C Power System

PN 52087


2000LE & 2000 Value Systems

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M 7 Power System Introduction
          M 7 Page 2
M 7A Power System
          120v/240v, 1hp, 2-Speed
M 7B Power System
          240v, 1.5 hp, 2-Speed
M 7C Power System
          240v, 2 hp, 2-Speed
          M 7   Replacement Parts 
M 1 Power System
          240v,  Convertible
M 2 Power System
          120v, Convertible
M 3 Power System
          240v, Deluxe
Lite Leader Power System
           Economical System
           Lite Leader Interior Parts
Outdoor Systems
          Outdoor Interior Parts
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Top Side Panels
          Panel Extensions
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Accessories and Options

240V System

This Power System is supplied as a dedicated 240V system.  With a 240V, 2hp, two-speed pump.

This system can operate:

  • 5500W heater
  • 240V Single-speed secondary pump
  • 120V Ozone generator
  • 240V Ozone generator
  • 120V Blower
  • 240V Blower
  • 12V Spa light

M-7C Power System

M-7C System w/addition of 120V blower

PN 52806B12

M-7C System w/addition of 240V blower

PN 52806B24

tab_blank.gif (50 bytes)
8-Button Deluxe Digital PN 54155

Top-Side Panel with 10 cable


8-Button Deluxe Digital
PN 54156 PN 54157
7-Button Standard Digital Panel with 10' cable

6-Button Standard Digital Panel with 10' cable
2-Button Auxiliary PN 51216
This panel can be used with the above systems and comes with an 18' cable.
2-Button Auxiliary

Note: Only one of the above panels is required to operate the M-7B Power Systems

tab_blank.gif (50 bytes)
12V Spa Light Assembly PN 21095
12V Spa Light Assembly
tab_blank.gif (50 bytes)
240V 1.5hp One-Speed Pump PN 52054
240V 1.5hp One-Speed Pump
240V 2hp One-Speed Pump PN 52072
240V 1.5hp One-Speed Pump

Note: When utilizing the above options, choose only one of each (one voltage blower and either a 1.5hp or 2hp one-speed pump)


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