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M-2 Power System  

M-2 Power System

PN 53171-HC


2000LE & 2000 Value Systems

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M 7 Power System Introduction
          M 7 Page 2
M 7A Power System
          120v/240v, 1hp, 2-Speed
M 7B Power System
          240v, 1.5 hp, 2-Speed
M 7C Power System
          240v, 2 hp, 2-Speed
          M 7   Replacement Parts 
M 1 Power System
          240v,  Convertible
M 2 Power System
          120v, Convertible
M 3 Power System
          240v, Deluxe
Lite Leader Power System
           Economical System
           Lite Leader Interior Parts
Outdoor Systems
          Outdoor Interior Parts
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Top Side Panels
          Panel Extensions
Circuit Boards
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Accessories and Options

The new Balboa Millennium Technology makes it possible to install either a Deluxe or a Standard Digital system in one versatile package. The system is pre-wired to operate 120V devices. The heater can be changed to run on 240V. This system can also easily be configured to utilize either a Deluxe Digital panel with all the high-end features, or a Standard Digital panel for those who donít need all the bells and whistles. All these adjustments can be made "in the field" with little or no training required. This system is designed to be mounted under the skirt of a portable spa; 30 amps are required, 50 amps are recommended.

M-2 Power System

 Sensors and Sensor Mount are included.

M-2 System w/o cords
PN 53171-H
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M-2 Top-Side Panels 0

Deluxe M-Series 2 pump
PN 54108

not available

Deluxe M-Series 1 pump/1 aux
PN 54128
Standard M-Series 1 pump/1 blower 
PN 51057

Deluxe (same as above w/o blower)
      PN 54142
Standard (same as above w/o blower)   
       PN 51452

Standard M-Series 2 pump/1 blower
      PN 53189
12V Spa Light Assembly PN 21095
12V Spa Light Assembly
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Freeze Sensor PN 22312
M-2 Options (Continued) 0
PH/ORP sensor kit PN 54129
ORP sensor for kit PN 30315
PH sensor for kit PN 30292
2-button remote panel PN 51216
50 AMP GFCI PN 70010
50 AMP GFCI w/20amp acc. PN 70020
M-2 Replacement Parts 0
Heater w/Pressure Switch
PN 50096
Heater w/o Pressure Switch
PN 50080
M-2 Circuit Board
PN 54122
Sensor Assembly
PN 30337

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